SaveOnn Cart EDC LED Bluetooth Tri Spin Fidget Spinner with Bluetooth Speaker Function

  • $12.00


Stand out in the Fidget Spinner World by having this unique LED Bluetooth Fidget Spinners that will be sure to impress family and friends.Perfect your Fidget Spinner tricks with this highly durable Spinner that will be sure to have your fingers twirling for hours on end. This Spinner follows the Fidget Spinner best standards by using an R188 steel bearing which has become the standard across high-performance spinners.


  • LED Hand Spinner with Bluetooth Speaker Function
  • Enjoy your favorite music while fidgeting
  • Great for fidgety hands, ADHD, Autism, anxiety sufferers and people quitting bad habits.
  • Flashing led light
  • Helps relieve stress, ADD, ADHD and anxiety
  • Built-in rechargeable battery 

    • 1-3 minutes Spin time
    • 15-30 minutes music time
    • Material ABS
    • R188 Steel Bearing 
    • Super lightweight 26g
    • Removable bearing system

    Cleaning and Removing Bearing System:
    Gently twist off buttons on your device and remove the screws to have easy access to your bearings. Then gently lift your bearings for easy cleaning so you do not break your Spinner.

    How to Use: 
    Hold spinner in one hand and use the other hand to spin it rapidly, and keep it spinning indefinitely by using small continuous strokes. Spinner can start and stop spinning only with the help of one finger. 

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