Six Pack Boyfriend Sleep Soft Throw Pillow Cushion

  • $32.00


The six pack boyfriend pillows are here for the ladies. With its strong biceps, strong arms, six pack, soft and comfortable broad chest, they are convenient for cuddling and being wrapped in those muscled arms without being tired of holding you or being in your bed all night long. it wouldn't even complain or be tired of being in your company all day long. The beauty of this cushion pillow is sure to be your sleeping companion and always being there for you. Made of soft and fine-quality material, they ensure utmost comfort and relaxation.

Type: Cushion 
Cover Material: Polyester
Filling Material: Fiber
Technics: Nonwoven
Style: Modern
Size: 50*43cm
Shape: Body Arm
Wash: Removable and Washable

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